Red Alert under WINE

Matt Ng bgc_fan at
Tue Apr 3 13:58:48 CDT 2001

What version of wine are you using? I was using the Dataparty daily
builds (up until they switched to glibc 2.2 which is about 012801). Oh,
and if it wasn't a typo, I missed it the first time, you need to use two
hyphens --winver ..... Anyway, I re-read your original post and I had the
same problems. Basically it took some black magic ;-). Sometimes it works
and sometimes it doesn't. However, I notice a couple of trends, the first
is that when sound screws up, the thing would crash, and sometimes on
start I get a black screen (doesn't happen to often now, but it used to
happen often before). You might want to play with the different winver
attributes (win98,win95). And what I've also noticed is that the first
time you start it doesn't always work. When that happens, don't reboot,
just log onto another terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F1) and killall wine. Try
running Red Alert again and it will most likely work. 

Mind you, it's not foolproof, I've been able to complete the whole
sequence with Russia and I'm up to mission 11 for the Allies, but
sometimes it crashes in between missions. It seems wine is tempermental
with movie files... I've recently been able to play Balder's Gate, but it
sometimes chokes with the video files... luckily there's usually an
autosave right before so I just kill wine and reload the game. 

In article <9ad125$vr6$1 at>, "Mini Mike"
<hemstock at> wrote:

> Yeah, sorry, your right it is ra95.exe which I'm trying to run, I wrote
> it down wrong.  I think rungame.exe is the DOS version, but I'm trying
> to run ra95.exe, still without success.

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