wine releases and Pegasus Mail

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Wed Apr 4 13:50:18 CDT 2001

Thank you Lawson (lawson_whitney at for your suggestions (of 31 
March), and sorry for not having come back quicker:

>> With these last releases, before hanging the following message comes up:
>> 'Unhandled page fault on read access to 0xdeadbeef at address 0xdeadbeef.   
>> Do you want to debug it?' Whether choosing 'yes' or 'no' the same message
>> reappears twice, and the hanging occurs after 3rd. response. 
> This is just a wild guess, based on nothing more than deadbeef:
> remove the native windows shlwapi.dll, and use wine builtins by default.
> If you have the current release (Wine-20010326)
> [DllOverrides]
> "*" = "builtin, so, native"
> IIRC, builtin shell[32] + native shlwapi = deadbeef.

I *do* currently run the Wine-20010326.
Doing the above *did* solve the crashing problem when PM tries to add an 
attachment, or save an attachment.
By the way, in my current wine.conf file there is nowhere any 'so' among the 
various Overrides statements.  What does 'so' do?

Now a related question: When the browsing window pops up for adding or 
saving attachments, five buttons are displayed to the top right, for creating 
directory, selecting list display options, etc..   These buttons are *not* 
alive/active.   Which DLL file would control these buttons?

In my first mail re. 'wine releases and Pegasus Mail' (31 March) I had 
(mistakenly) stated that Pegasus Mail also would crash when opening a 
HTML file, but that was wrong.   It just opens a blank window, so now I 
wonder which DLL file (if any) might be controlling that function.

Thank you also for your impressive sgml reader, although - not being a 
programmer - the instructions in the <wine>/documentation/debugger.sgml 
file are rather too advanced for me to make much out of.

Thanks in advance for any further comments/help,

Leiv Boyum

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