Wine 'out of memory'

Kees van Hoof kees.van.hoof at
Fri Apr 6 16:28:38 CDT 2001

I run wine on tow almost identical computers. One is a Dell xps 300 and the 
other on a new one, with amd 900 MHZ processor, 512 MB internal memory. 
nVidia Geforce grafical interface. Both run Suse 7.1, kernel 2.2.18, wine 
200103026. If I run a win 311 programm on the Dell computer it runs fine. 
If I run the same program on the new (Obelix) computer it runs  out of 
memory. The Del has 96 MB and Obelix has 512 MB, so I think this will be 
enough to run, but still this seems not to be enough.
Who can help me with this problem?

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