Quickbooks under WINE

Dan Engel dengel at sourceharvest.com
Sat Apr 7 15:27:35 CDT 2001

Richard Spandit wrote:

> I am trying to convince my father to run his business on Linux, but all
> his accounting is done under Intuit's Quickbooks. 

I'm in a similar situation.

> Does anyone have any
> experience of running the aforesaid?

I've run Quickbooks 4 and 5 under Wine.  Getting Quickbooks 5 to install 
was a bit tricky--until I figured out that I had to do it as root. ;-)

In both cases, the inverse (highlighted) text doesn't show up in dialogs.  
It appears that it's rendering as white text on white background.  I'm not 
sure what the problem is, but I've recently posted a question here about 
it, subject "inverse text disappears".

The other thing (not tried in Quickbooks 5) is that QB4 seemed to have 
trouble printing forms, etc. with various fonts.  It basically used one 
font and size, regardless of how you tried to set up the printing.  There 
may be something very obvious to someone who's used wine more than I. . . 

> Any useful comments will be greatly appreciated.
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