Whining about Wine

alesclandre alesclandre at yahoo.fr
Mon Apr 9 15:01:33 CDT 2001

OK, thanks a lot to both lawson whitney (or whitney lawson ?) and andreas mohr, you were right,
i have got libc_2.1.92, which is not quite 2.2 ! So what i did what
uninstall my wine rpm package (that was easy !) but now i wonder if i
should also remove some "wine" files and directories that remain :
./wine, /home/alex/.wine and /home/alex/.pan.
Also, based on earlier posts, i tinkered a bit with my /etc/ld.so.conf
file by adding a line so that it be able to locate the file where
libkernel32.so is. Should i remove that line and rerun ldconfig -v as
root so that everything is back to before ?
One last question, since you were so kind to me, what is the
"tools/wineinstall" thing that i saw talked about but that never existed
in any of my directories ?
I hope i did not say too many stupid things in one go, and i thank you
again anyway. What i will do is go into the world of compiling, one thing
i never did, but i guess is necessary to learn ? ...

(hey, the guy with the .fr suffix, non mais c'est quoi ces manières ?
(OK, j'ajoute un petit smiley abscon ;-), ça fait bien il parait !)

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