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Mon Apr 9 17:44:20 CDT 2001

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, alesclandre wrote:

> OK, thanks a lot to both lawson whitney (or whitney lawson ?) and andreas mohr, you were right,
> i have got libc_2.1.92, which is not quite 2.2 ! So what i did what
> uninstall my wine rpm package (that was easy !) but now i wonder if i
> should also remove some "wine" files and directories that remain :
> ./wine, /home/alex/.wine and /home/alex/.pan.
> Also, based on earlier posts, i tinkered a bit with my /etc/ld.so.conf
> file by adding a line so that it be able to locate the file where
> libkernel32.so is. Should i remove that line and rerun ldconfig -v as
> root so that everything is back to before ?

I don't think it matters greatly.

> One last question, since you were so kind to me, what is the
> "tools/wineinstall" thing that i saw talked about but that never existed
> in any of my directories ?

If you install the source, and cd to the root of the wine source tree,
you will see a shell script named tools/wineinstall.  I guess whoever
made the rpm you  used reckoned you didn't need it, rpm takes it upon
itself to be all the installer you need.  I have to admit I've never
used it.  I got used to building wine by hand before there were any
helper scripts, and it is just habit that I do it my way.

> I hope i did not say too many stupid things in one go, and i thank you
> again anyway. What i will do is go into the world of compiling, one thing
> i never did, but i guess is necessary to learn ? ...

Plenty enough, but I am more annoyed with whomever put up that damned
rpm and didn't get the dependencies right.  rpm should have refused to
install that package unttil you had installed a glibc-2.2-blah.rpm - or
did you use rpm -i --nodeps?

You can probably find an rpm or so that can work, if you pay attention
to the libc version, but to get the latest wine it is best to build it
from source.

I hope you installed all the program development packages.  I don't
think RH necessarily installs them without being asked to.  Well, you
can retrofit them.

Please, though, read the file <wine>/README.  It's just a good habit to
form when you mess with software to see what its developers think you
really need to know.


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