Whining about Wine

Daniel Foesch krach42 at aol.com
Mon Apr 9 23:55:09 CDT 2001

>OK, thanks a lot to both lawson whitney (or whitney lawson ?) and andreas
>mohr, you were right,
>i have got libc_2.1.92, which is not quite 2.2 ! So what i did what
>uninstall my wine rpm package (that was easy !) but now i wonder if i
>should also remove some "wine" files and directories that remain :
>./wine, /home/alex/.wine and /home/alex/.pan.
>Also, based on earlier posts, i tinkered a bit with my /etc/ld.so.conf
>file by adding a line so that it be able to locate the file where
>libkernel32.so is. Should i remove that line and rerun ldconfig -v as
>root so that everything is back to before ?
>One last question, since you were so kind to me, what is the
> [lotsa snip]

RedHat has available the glibc-2.2 libraries out there.  It also fixes a crash
problem with XMMS, that if you've used it, you know what I'm talking about. 
Just RPM it with a --force --nodeps and it'll install like a dream, and you're
all set!

If you're downloading the newest RPMs from RedHat, you have to be aware that
they expect you to be up to date on all of their RPMs, or at least those that
are system vital (like glibc)

Daniel "Krach" Foesch
"I'm all in favor of regulations dictating a standard placement of directions
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