Probblem with oleaut32.dll

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Tue Apr 10 21:32:18 CDT 2001

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Dusko Rusmir wrote:

> Hallo
> I have a big Problem with oleaut32.dll.
> Allways i got the Messages:
> "Unimplemented Function oleaut32.OleLoadPictureEx called at address
> xy Do you wish to debug it?"
> I have tryed to link with
> ln -s /windows/D/Windows/System/oleaut32.dll
> ~/.wine/fake_windows/Windows/System/oleaut32.dll
> but no success is there.
> I have linking all VB6lib and ocx.
> Programms, which don't need oleaut32.dll works fine. Of course not
> MS Office and some other apps.
> I have found that Wine works better with fake_windows dll, only if a
> dll is'nt implemented i link this from Windoze Partition.

This works fine for dll's that Wine doesn't implement at all, but if you
want to try using a native dll that Wine is only missing a few functions
to, you must tell Wine in ~/.wine/config that it should use the native
windows one:

"oleaut32" = "native"
"*"        = "builtin, so, native"

You might find man wine.conf interesting, particularly AppDefaults.

or, for now:

wine --dll oleaut32=n blah.exe
> Please help

As Gerard pointed out, there is now a stub for this function in the
builtin oleaut32.  It might be enough to satisfy your app, or at least
keep the debugger at bay.  Help is underway at all hours of the day and
> --
> MfG / With best Regards
> Rusmir Dusko
> Registered Linux user: #130654
I registered some time ago, but I have lost my number.  (I guess I let
it roll of the end of my mail logs :-).  Is there a way I can ask it?

---cut here

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