newbie question to make WINE run with a w2k partition

Yves Leung-Tack yleungtack.nospam at
Fri Apr 13 09:56:02 CDT 2001


 I just installed Linux on my system (finally !:)
using Mandrake7.2
But I have some problem running even the simplest program , notepad.

I entered the command : 
	wine -winver nt40 -desktop 60x70 /mnt/win_c/winnt/notepad.exe

And I got the following error:
	Warning: could not find wine.conf [Drive x] entry for current working
directory /root; 					starting in windows directory.
	err:module:fixup_imports Module (file) MSVCRT.dll needed by
C:\winnt\notepad.exe not found

Can someone point to me what I am doing wrong ?

I'm usinf wine ver 20000909

Here my wine.conf file:

[Drive C]

[Drive A]

Temp=c:\Documents and Settings/sam/Local Settings\Temp


DefaultLoadOrder = native, elfdll, so, builtin

 ; Not used in older Wine versions!
 krnl386 = kernel32
 gdi     = gdi32
 user    = user32
 commdlg = comdlg32
 commctrl= comctl32
 ver     = version
 shell   = shell32
 lzexpand= lz32
 mmsystem= winmm
 msvideo = msvfw32
 winsock = wsock32
 ; The dll pairs are needed together with the load order.
 ; these dlls always have to be loaded together as builtin, 
 ; native or whatever
 ; You may not load one dll of a pair as builtin and the other
 ; native.

 ; Not used in older Wine versions!
 kernel32, gdi32, user32 = builtin
 krnl386, gdi, user       = builtin
 toolhelp                = builtin
 comdlg32, commdlg       = elfdll, builtin, native
 version, ver            = elfdll, builtin, native
 shell32, shell          = builtin, native
 lz32, lzexpand          = builtin, native
 commctrl, comctl32      = builtin, native
 wsock32, winsock        = builtin
 advapi32, crtdll, ntdll = builtin, native
 mpr, winspool           = builtin, native
 ddraw, dinput, dsound   = builtin, native
 winmm, mmsystem         = builtin
 msvideo, msvfw32        = builtin, native
 w32skrnl                = builtin
 wnaspi32, wow32         = builtin
 system, display, wprocs = builtin
 wineps                  = builtin
 msvcrt					 = buildin, elfdll
 ; this is the default load order for the dlls
 ; you may make changes here, but NEVER change the 
 ; first two lines!!!
 ; WARNING: The big ones, krnl386, kernel32, gdi, gdi32, 
 ; user and user32 cannot be native, but MUST be of 
 ; type "builtin"


Thanks a lot !

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