Will Grzanich wgrzanic at
Tue Apr 17 00:18:15 CDT 2001

Ian Schmidt wrote:
> Presumably you *know* it was working because of my screenshots page, so
> I'll answer :)

Heh.  Well, that was part of it - I also found a couple of references to
other people getting it to work, as well as a screenshot on a weird
French page.  :)
> The upshot is Nesticle got broken when the TransGaming stuff started
> landing in December.  The basic problem is that the new code was for
> DirectX7, while Nesticle is a DX5 app.  I believe there's been some work
> to fix that - I'll check latest CVS later today.

Ahh.  I guess DX isn't backwards compatible when being translated by
WINE.  Or something - I don't actually know what I'm talking about.  I'd
certainly appreciate any help you can offer!  I'm kind of thinking about
trying to write my own NES emulator, since I can't find any that run
under Linux that I like.  Well, it's something to think about, anyway.

Take care!

-Will :)

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