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Uwe Bonnes bon at
Tue Apr 17 07:51:28 CDT 2001

Tommi Reiter <tommi.reiter at> wrote:
: Hi all,
: First I have to say that I'm a Newbie and my English isn't well (Germany)

: I've installed Wine 20000909 under RedHat 7.0. And for exampe Serial
: Keymakers don't work (from
: It say's msvcrt.dll is missing. How can I solve this Problem?

: Should I try a newer Linux and the newest Wine? What is the newest Wine?

: CU
: Tommi

: P.S. Why does some people try to run IE under Linux, when there is Opera
: 5.02 and Netscape 4.75?????

Go to for more information. 20000909 probably didn't
contain a builtin msvcrt implementation and a lot has changed since then.


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