Stupid question: where is the Preferences box?

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Wed Apr 18 13:40:45 CDT 2001

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, James Juran wrote:

> I've gotten this message from Netscape, and I haven't been able to
> figure out where it comes from.  I couldn't find anything like this in
> the Preferences dialog, nor in the registry.  If you figure it out,
> please let us know!
> Thanks,
> James
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> James Juran
> jamesjuran at

Well, I haven't managed to get it to load the preference dlls so I could
_see_ the preferences box, but I can make that message box go away with
this in .wine/user.reg:

[Software\\Netscape\\Netscape Navigator\\Main] 985136563
"Temp Directory"="sPLooft"

That causes it to make a directory "sPLooft" wherever its current
directory happens to be, in this case c:\\nscomm - or this:

[Software\\Netscape\\Netscape Navigator\\Main] 985136563
"Temp Directory"="E:\\sPLooft"

Once it has a registry entry for it and has created it one time, it
doesn't seem to bother about it any more, but I can't get it to use
E:\\, maybe because it can't create it even once.

The number I just made out of whole cloth by adding a random small
integer to the number on the line I copied to make that entry from.

Hope that is some use to somebody.


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