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Thu Apr 19 21:57:49 CDT 2001

On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Tom Hubin wrote:

> Hello Uwe Bonnes,
> Thanx for taking the time to download, execute and comment on Navigation
> Made Easy.
> I guess the next step is to go ahead and partition my drive and install
> one of the Linux's then Wine. I have Mandrake 6.5 purchased with
> documentation. I have Mandrake 8.0 Beta 2 on CDs without printed
> documentation. Is there a particular brand of Linux or Wine that you
> recommend?

I like Slackware, but Mandrake is what I have a more recent one of ready
to hand, so that is mostly what I use.  People who use Debian all seem
to like it.  I think any major distro will do fine.
> The reason for Windows 3.1 right now is that my laptop is an 80486 50MHz
> with 350MB drive, 20MB RAM, 1.44MB diskette, no CD drive. My desktop is
> a Pentium with CD and several GB of disk. But it is the laptop on the
> boat. And I do want to make changes and compile while on the boat. If I
> cannot compile and run on my 486 please tell me now. I will eventually
> get a newer 32 bit laptop but not this month. Nothing leftover after
> taxes.

350 mb is tight for hd space if you mean to compile Wine itself on the
laptop (I just did a du of my <wine> directory and it uses 278 mb for
the build environment).  I guess your app is a little smaller.  You
could build wine and winelib on the desktop and copy the instaled
libraries and binaries to the laptop.  A full install of wine, winelib
and the winelib programs is only 60 mb; that is enough so you could
compile, link and run winelib programs.  One technique I use to install
wine from one box to another is to specify prefix= to make install, so:
make prefix=/gp/local install

/gp is exported from my build system and nfs mounted on the other
machine; then I just use all of that to /usr/local on each machine:

tartar /gp/local /usr/local

tartar is a site-local command, but you are welcome to it:
cat /usr/local/bin/tartar
tar -C $1 -cOl . | tar -C $2 -xpf -

I have other stuff besides wine in /usr/local, that is why I do all that
with the prefix=.  Maybe you don't need to bother with all that; don't
let it confuse you.

There are also linux compilers that are able to compile windows code and
generate windows executables, which you can then run with wine.  Take a
look at the section on tools at
> Where do I find out how to bundle my stuff with the appropriate Linux
> policy info?
> Again, thanx for your time.
> Tom Hubin
> thubin at

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