DirectX in Wine

Jan Van den Abeele jvdabeel at
Mon Apr 23 11:29:53 CDT 2001

Mikkel Mastrup wrote:

> I've tried to install the game "Caesar 3" on my Linux-box. It worked fine
> during the installation. The problem appeared when I wanted to play it.
> Caesar 3 needed the file DDRAW.DLL
>   I found out that it was one of DirectX's .dll-files. Isn't Wine supposed
> to work with DirectX without installing it? Doesn't Wine have its own
> "DirectX-clone"?
>   What should I do to tell Caesar 3 that it should use Wine's DirectX?
>   I'm using the version of Wine that came with Mandrake 7.2 and there isn't
> Windows on my computer.
> Mikkel Jensen
> (I know that somebody have made C3 run on Linux once.)
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If I remember correctly ...

What about the transgaming patch ...

just go to


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