Wine emptied my Program Files directory

Steve Varadi svaradi at
Tue Apr 24 01:05:42 CDT 2001

I installed wine from SuSE 7.1 CD it was smooth and quick and WORKING!!!:)) 
but when I reboot to Windows I did not see any shortcut on my Desktop (just 
only standard icons, like new windows) My Program Files directory almost 
empty. I found Program Files/Uninstall Information directory with two new 
/Program Files/Uninstall Information/ConnectionConfiguration 
/Program Files/Uninstall Information/IE.HKCUZoneInfo

I found my ALL Program Files moved under 
/!$!$!$!$.pfr directory and lost every  original shortcuts.

I can start programs from Start menu, but no shortcut.:((
What went wrong?? How can I restore my original Windows settings, without 
loosing the wine access??

Please cc. to svaradi at also.

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