MoonChild didelot at
Tue Apr 24 04:45:00 CDT 2001


Well I got a real windows partition with half-life properly installed 
(working very fine in windows mode), and another partition with last Debian 
and Wine. When I try to 'wine hl.exe' it's loading slowly, I see the sierra 
video logo and hl video logo, and then the menu loads line by line, and 
when all lines have been loaded it stay loading with a black screen. Only 
way to get out is to kill that all, and then you discover that wine had a 
lot of 'fixme' problems with ddraw or text and even a few errors : it very 
soons said :
Wine ERROR: Couldn't set file attributes for existing file 
"/mnt/dd/sierra/half-l~1/sierra.inf". Check permissions or set VFAT "quiet" 
flag !
but I didn't succeed to mount my hda1 so that users can write on it too
I although got 2 times :
err:int21:INT21_SetCurrentPSP Cannot change PSP for non-DOS task!
and a thousands of :
fixme:msvideo:DrawDibDraw wFlags == 0x00000c0c not handledf
fixme:text:DrawTextExA Ignores params:20,4,0,0  

Can anyone gimme some tips please ?


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