getting cygwin to run under wine

Juergen Fiedler juergen at
Tue Apr 24 10:23:24 CDT 2001

In article <9c3ae7$2gg$1 at news.BelWue.DE>, "Andreas Mohr"
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> Juergen Fiedler <juergen at> wrote:
>> In article <3AE48DCD.67186978 at>, "Dan Kegel" <dank at>
>> wrote:
>>> Just to be sure: does 'wine notepad.exe' work properly for you? - Dan
>> Yes, it works without any problem. So do many other programs. It's just
>> bash that I'm having problems with. Well, not only bash, but that's the
>> one that is most interesting right now.
> Rough guesstimate: builtin crtdll/msvcrt problems ??

Possibly. Someone else suggested to try 'wine cmd /k bash.exe'. Doing
that gives me the following output:
err:win32:fixup_imports No implementation for ADVAPI32.dll.219(GetSecurityInfoExW) imported from C:\Windows\cmd.exe, setting to 0xdeadbeef
err:win32:PE_FindExportedFunction function not found for forward 'ntdll._iswalpha' used by 'msvcrt.dll'. If you are using builtin 'msvcrt.dll', try using the native one instead.
err:win32:fixup_imports No implementation for MSVCRT.dll.633(iswalpha) imported from C:\Windows\cmd.exe, setting to 0xdeadbeef
fixme:console:SetConsoleCtrlHandler (0x4ad09cfd,1) - no error checking or testing yet

So I copied msvcrt.dll from my Windows 2000 System to Windows/System32
and tried 'wine --dll msvcrt=native cmd bash.exe'. This gives me:
 err:win32:fixup_imports No implementation for ADVAPI32.dll.219(GetSecurityInfoEx
W) imported from C:\Windows\cmd.exe, setting to 0xdeadbeef
err:module:fixup_imports Module (file) MSVCRT.dll needed by C:\Windows\cmd.exe n
ot found

OK, I guess I'm solidly in newbie territory here, but I can't figure out
how to make Wine use the native DLL. C:\Windows\system32 is in the path,
but it looks like Wine just doesn't see the DLL.


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