OT: licq-features was: Re: ICQ-2000a on WINE ?

Malte Cornils malte at cornils.net
Wed Apr 25 03:25:12 CDT 2001

Gerd Feiner wrote:
> it is not able to display the conversation the way the win-version does.
> it always does this with two windows, one of them always colsing after
> send, and no possibility to overview the conversation the nice way the
> win-version does this :(

If I recall correctly, there was a patch floating around that makes
this Win-style messaging possible. Also, the gtk plugin might
support this natively, I am not sure. If you need the patch, search
the LICQ mailing list archives.

Also, it's open source, so if you need a feature, try to add it
yourself if you feel like it :-)

Yours Malte #8-)

PS: this is getting very much off-topic, we should switch to private
mails now IMHO.

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