How to get Word 2000 to work?

puzzle puzzle at
Thu Apr 26 03:51:53 CDT 2001


Did you, or anyone else, ever find a solution to this. I have exactly the
same problem running on RH7 with wine-20010418. I too have a real windows 98
partition that has office / word2000 already installed and running.

Also the installer will not work at all under wine for me so this is not an
option (unless someone knows how to make it work now)



root wrote in message <3AC891D6.49F94807 at>...
>I've been trying to get any office2000 app to work, but I keep getting
>the error message "Office 2000 must be installed to run".
>Is there any way I can make Word2000 wined believe that Office 2000 is
>I have two partitions, and Office 2000 is on the Windows partition and
>working fine. What is missing is probably the Software/Microsoft Office
>keys from a normal registry. How can I add those keys to Wine's
>registry? (or any other way of running word)

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