DLL Error When Installing Programs

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Subject: DLL Error When Installing Programs
   Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 15:35:23 -0600
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Running Codeweavers Preview 3 over Helix, X4, & kernel 2.4.2.

Notepad & sol run fine, but when I try to install a program like Netscape (just testing) I get the following error:

Invoking /opt/wine/bin/wine.bin cc32d475.exe ...
err:win32:fixup_imports No implementation for shlwapi.dll.0(StrRetToBufA) imported from shell32.dll, setting to 0xdeadbeef
err:win32:fixup_imports No implementation for shlwapi.dll.0(StrRetToBufW) imported from shell32.dll, setting to 0xdeadbeef
Wine exited with a successful status

Well I'm using as drive C, /usr/share/wine-c & have copied an actual Win98 Windows dir there.  System dir does have shell32 & shlwapi.  But I found in config that shell & shell32 are in exceptions, set to 'internal', not native, so commented that out.  No exception is made for shlwapi, so presume it defaults to native, as set earlier in config.

Also found /opt/wine/lib wasn't getting loaded so fixed that.

Read all 94? messages in newsgroup and read User & Reference Guides & no reference to this.  And IRC channel is dead...
I am very close to getting this to work, but have put days into this fruitlessly.

Also want a common Wine config for all users, so copied config into /etc/wine.conf, then removed all but the first line from users' config, but when I tried to run something it complained of incomplete config file.  What is the proper way to make common settings for all users, for easy administration?

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