Key mapping problem (Endnote)

Andreas Mohr Usenet 07/01 xsidycvl001 at
Wed Aug 1 05:41:19 CDT 2001

Neil Coffey <neil at> wrote:
> Dear fellow Wine users,

> It was to my recent delight that I found that EndNote 3 will
> work usably under Wine. However, it does seem to display
> a slightly odd problem when certain keys are pressed.

> In essence, the problem seems to be that certain keys,
> when pressed, generate two keystrokes. So for example,
> pressing RETURN moves down two lines, pressing BACKSPACE
> deletes two characters, pressing TAB moves down two fields
> in a dialogue. Pressing SPACE appears to have the odd effect
> of generating a space followed by the figure '1'.

> Has anyone had similar problems with other programs,
> and does anyone have any ideas about how this problem
> might be remedied?
Try running with --debugmsg +relay,+msg,+message,+event,+key,+keyboard.
That should clue you in on the problem.

Andreas Mohr, Renningen, Germany
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