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>Thank for the answer,
>I've read FAQ, but i didn't know, that AMD's are the Intel x86 class of
>CPUs - sorry :)
>Jarek Bogulak
>U¿ytkownik Andreas Mohr Usenet 07/01 <xsidycvl001 at> w
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>> Jaroslaw Bogulak <kalugob at> wrote:
>> > Will wine work with AMD processor?
>> Of course !
>> Please try next time.
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This is not such a daft question as it sounds. Some versions of WIN95 do
not install with some AMD processors at certain speed settings.
Eventually, Microshaft/AMD issued a patch for the problem, but we still
had to de-clock the AMD chip before we could install the O/S, and then
do the patch.

Andy Mercer

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