wine & RH7.0 - failed dependencies

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Wed Aug 1 16:19:35 CDT 2001

In linux.redhat.rpm Guru Jiwan Singh Khalsa <gkhalsa at> wrote:
> Hi

> I am using redhat 7.0 with the stock kernel. I downloaded the daily build
> of wine last night from <>.  I just tried
> to install wine and it gave me the following messages:

>> sh-2.04# rpm -i -h ~gjs/wine-20010731-1.i386.rpm
>> error: failed dependencies:
>>   is needed by wine-20010731-1
>>   is needed by wine-20010731-1
>>   is needed by wine-20010731-1
>>	kdebase < 2.0 conflicts with wine-20010731-1
> Any suggestions people?

IMHO this wine rpm was build on RH7.1 . and are from XFree86-libs-4.0.3-5.i386.rpm is from freetype-2.0.1-4.i386.rpm

So you should install this rpms.(Probably you will need to upgrade all XFree
rpms). BTW in the future when you'll have similar problems please try to use
such websites as or


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