Internet Explorer 5.5 with Wine?

Cursim cursim at
Fri Aug 3 18:36:01 CDT 2001

I'm extremely new to Wine, I don't even have a confog file yet. I can't find
any decent documentation at Can anyone explain that whole thing
to me?

Also, I hate Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera. I want to get IE 5.5 working with
Wine. I have tried getting to the Internet explorer Directory in the
Terminal, and then using "wine iexplore.exe -dll
shell,shell32,commctrl,comctl32=n" However, I get some kind of "ShLWAPI"
error. Can anyone help me?

One last thing. I have been trying to get EverQuest to work with Wine as
well. I have been using the -dll method to get most of the Dlls it asks for,
but one of them, which is in a different directory, is continually asked
for, even when I quote it after the -dll. Can anyone help?


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