dell says bye bye to Linux

Stanislaw Flatto flatto at
Sat Aug 4 07:17:38 CDT 2001

Hi Nicholas!
If you know this saviour who wrote installation software that will put ANY OS on
a box in a way that dispenses with tweaking let us know.

Have fun.

(DOS 2.11->win98)
Slack 8/2.2.19 user from Ulladulla.

Nicholas DeBord wrote:

> Well. A priori. I'm a dedicated legacy OS person. I cut my teeth on
> command line DOS and then WIN 3.xx (these days that means WFWG 3.11). I drew
> the line at WIN9x. Hate that beast with a true passion, but because it is
> the 800 pound gorilla, I have to find some way to accomodate it in the
> future.
> So, here is the rub. Linux is a real PITA. Capital PITA. Unbelievably techie
> and that is bad. I say that because I was a techie in the DOS years. People
> came to me to do this or that thing that they couldn't do because they were
> not computer nerds. Like me.
> I'm no longer interested in being the nerd of the moment. Youse guys have
> inherited that title. Too bad for you, I'm afraid. Because you have also
> inherited a mantle of leadership.
> So, here is the point of all this. I want to run Linux. But I no longer want
> to be techie about it. I do not care to learn all the command line tricks of
> the trade. With that opinion, I am now no better than your average newbie
> who can't figure out what an enter key is. <sly grin>
> I also do not ever want to run a modern version of MR BILL's monopoly OS.
> So. This is what I want. I want a flawless, newbie-proof distribution of
> Linux. In it I want what all MS junkies require. I want WINE up and running
> with MS OFFICE capability. I want, because I am a dinosaur, DOSemu
> capability without having to compile this or that obscure nonsense. Just so
> I can run my ancient apps.
> What I don't want to hear is any techie superiority. The writing is on the
> wall for Linux to my mind. I can say that because I've been around since CPM
> and have seen Operating Systems come and go. Either get transparent or
> vanish. And since the apps come in MS flavors (be they DOS or WINDOZE), live
> with it or kick the bucket.
> just my two cents worth.
> Nick

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