Diablo II again

Chuck Tersteeg wulvyrn at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 4 21:52:05 CDT 2001

I've tried D2 and D2LOD under wine to play under bnet.  I'm unable to
get this to work, even with DLoad.exe and Game_crk.exe, etc.  However,
I'm able to play on an open bnetd server (bnetd.org).  I'm using cvs
code now for bnetd, but I usually play single player.

I have a mini-howto at


this is d2lod with patch 1.08.  I will update this for the next patch
and also some setting for bnetd play in the future.

I'm using rh7.1 with updates to play this with a rawhide version of
wine.  My d2lod games is locking up at times.  If anyone has any
insight to this, I'm all ears.  I've tried to disable DGA and the
color rate does not see to affect it.  Maybe w2k fried my voodoo5
while playin d2lod for a few days straight...

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