Word97 on 'no-windows' computer

Tucker McLean tucker at noodleroni.com
Sun Aug 5 01:15:28 CDT 2001

Dagnabbit, I had that too. What happens is that Wine exits right
behind your back during the install, and deletes the contents in the
E:\ drive (which is /tmp). The only thing to do is catch it before it
exits, and grab that directory before Wine exits, then put it back
after Wine exits. But then I had more problems (I have an old 255 AMD
K6, maybe your's will work). Tell me how and if it works out.


"Joe" <eliyahl at netscape.net> wrote in message news:<BCia7.50476$TW.252835 at tor-nn1.netcom.ca>...
> RH7.1, wine release 20010731.
> There is no windows installed on this computer and I try to install Word97
> in 'no-windows' environment'.
> After I run 'wine setup' I see the initial word installation screen but
> after entering code numbers I see the following eror messge:
> Setup error 544:
> Setup is unamble to open data file E:\MSSETUP.T\~msstfof.t\Word97.stf.
> Run setup again from where you originally ran it." 
> Any idea what this could mean?

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