Diablo II again

Robert Laverick csujo at scabserver.com
Sun Aug 5 11:02:09 CDT 2001

do you get lockups a lot with your voodoo?  a friend of mine had LOADs 
when he first got his always about the same length of time into play and 
then it wouldn't recover untill it'd been left alone for a while, it 
turned out that the card was right on the limit of it's thermal 
capability, I don't know if that's atal relevant. It could be something 
you've not had before, but maybe it's got very hot once and it's made it 
more sensitive somehow (ok this sentence is probably un-adulterated 
bulls**t). he sorted his by putting an extra fan on the heatsink, he 
tied it with some plastic coated paperclips hooked round the back of the 
heatsink (make sure there plasice coated, don't want you shorting 
anythine! :-D ) I'm suffering crashed a bit too but they're only in the 
main menu, once I get into the game it's fine, I'm using no-dga too, 
it's a pitty that dga won't work, I get the same thing that a few other 
people have reported, it just don't like me, mouse changes to be a black 
square and the system freezes. non dga works pretty good, fps is a bit 
low, but there's alegedly a fix, something to do with support for apps 
that draw to the primary surface instead of the backbuffers....
anyway, cheers 4 the info about bnetd, if only I could get my proper 
chars working, then i could give those windows users what for!!  te he 
he, I'll have a look at bnetd cheers.  let me know if anyone has any 
success with Bnet.

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