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Sun Aug 5 15:28:44 CDT 2001

GRIFFIN RANGER <griffinranger at> wrote:
> when i go into the kde controll panel... it tells me i have an i686 (its a
> 686/166MHz machine) 

> so, my question is... should i be using the i386 build, or the i686 build???
Doesn't matter at all, I'd say.

> as i have been using the i386 build, and I am having problems with acessing the
> windows registry... i have also tried wine on a cel700, with the i386 build,
> and i get the same problems... so should i be using the i686 build???? 
I don't think that problems with accessing the windows registry have anything
to do with the build ;-)
Check your registry path settings in ~/.wine/config

> thanks for any help... im really keen to get wine working... even after it has
> trashed by fat partitions :(
Well, some people would go as far as saying that people who don't read README
files deserve that ;-)
(I guess that's a nice heads up for paying attention to READMEs in
the future :)

"Trashed" is the wrong term, BTW. You simply need to rename some directories
back to what they used to be. And it's NOT Wine's fault anyway.

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