You Don't Know Jack v3 and the Keyboard

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Aug 5 15:43:04 CDT 2001

Nick Bachmann <nabachmann at> wrote:
> I am trying to run YDKJv3 on Wine.  I have successfully installed it, 
> and I am able to run it with Wine HQ and Codeweavers Wine.  The problems 
> with both of these is that I can't use they keyboard!  Pressing keys has 
> no effect.
> I have searched wine lists and bugs, and it looks like I'm not the only 
> one with the problem.  I have tried to change several settings, 
> including desktop mode, and tried several patches with no luck.
> I have tried this with wine-20010731 and Codeweavers Wine 20010626-4.  I 
> use Red Hat 7.1.
> I am including the result of "wine --winver win95 --debugmsg 
> +key,+keyboard /mnt/cdrom/JackLaunch.exe>& key.log"

Excellent problem report -- but please do NOT post megabyte-sized
log files!  When they get that big, 1) compress them, and if possible,
2) put them up on a ftp or web server and post the URL instead
of the actual file.  Many people won't be able to read that
message at all because of its size.

- Dan

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