Need help!!! Newbie to Wine.

Brandon Kilgore bkilgore at
Mon Aug 6 10:04:52 CDT 2001

Wine is not designed to give you a windows environment (i.e. Windows 
explorer shell), but rather allow you to run windows programs in the X 
Windows environment.  To run a windows program, simply make sure the files 
are in disk directory that you set up during the wine install, and type 
wine program.exe (replacing program.exe with the exucatable you are trying 
to run).

  - Brandon

At 02:33 PM 8/6/01 +0000, Anthony Brice wrote:
>I have installed Red hat 7.1 on my Ultra Hinote laptop. I was quite
>proud to get my sound working and ethernet/modem card working and X
>window. I was surfing on the web and notice a development product called
>WINE touting the capability to 16/32 API apps in the wine environment
>with it sitting on the Linux kernel. I got the latest rpm from the WINE
>website in rpm format and ran the command rpm -i wine-XXXXX.rpm(simple
>so far). The install seems to go okay (no errors). I tried some
>commands, wine --help and it came up with the help messages. I tried
>wine -v and it told me the release of wine(20010731). What do I do now?
>Does not the environment come up has Windows environment. There is not
>setup.exe or installshield or install.exe to do this, I even looked for
>winesetup.exe with no luck.
>If anybody is out there with the patients to speak to a newbie it would
>be greatly appreciated.
>How my the way I was thinking of installing wine so I could run my Lotus
>Notes client on it.
>Anthony Brice
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