WINE install Error

Richard Cohen richardc at
Mon Aug 6 10:06:54 CDT 2001

On Mon, 6 Aug 2001 22:45:24 +1000, Zanlation <zanlation at> wrote:
>I need some help. I have downloaded the latest WINE tarball (731) and
>managed to get through the ./configure stage, installing rpms as needed.
>However, when WINE installs it gives me these set of errors:
>"cd `dirname wrc/__depend__` && make depend
>make[2]: Entering directory
>yacc -bppy -ppp -d -t ./ppy.y
>make[2]: yacc: Command not found
>make[2]: *** [] Error 127
>make[2]: Leaving directory
>make[1]: *** [wrc/__depend__] Error 2
>make[1]: Leaving directory
>make: *** [tools/__depend__] Error 2"
>Can anyone tell me what is going wrong? As far as I can tell I'm missing a
>command called "yacc".. never heard of it.

(I know this has been answered by others)

Did you try searching DejaGoogle for this?
is me answering the same question going on for 3 years ago.

The URL is now

>The reason for compiling WINE, instead of using the RPM (which installs OK)
>is I need OpenGL support.
>System info:
>Mandrake 8.0 (with KDE)
>NVIDIA Kernel and GLX drivers (1251) installed and working
>X86Free 4.0.3
>Any help would be most welcome.


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