Ahead Nero 5.0

Eike Lantzsch eikelan at gmx.net
Mon Aug 6 20:54:30 CDT 2001

Bogislav Rauschert wrote:
>  Hello!
>  I started to use wine (Wine release 20010326) just a few weeks ago. It 
>  seems to work fine. I have a Windows 98 (first edition) installation on an 
>  extra partition which should be used by wine. I run SuSE 7.2 with kernel 
>  2.4.4 on an AMD K6-II 350 MHz with 192 MB RAM.
>  I do not know anything about debuggers or programming in C, C+ or something.
>  I tried to run the CDR-burning software Nero 5 under Linux using wine but 
>  it won't work. Nero seems to start and the Nero window appears but then it 
>  disappears and I get the following message:
>  fixme:win32:DEVICE_Open Unknown VxD BsUDF.VXD. Try --winver nt40 or win31 !
>  fixme:win32:DEVICE_Open Unknown VxD nerocd95. Try --winver nt40 or win31 !

Besides that you may have to remove some non-working fonts, what happens
when you try: "wine --winver nt40 nero.exe"?

Regards, Ike
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