A philosophical question on the Windows Shell.

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Aug 7 13:25:07 CDT 2001

The Ghost In The Machine <ewill at lexideb.athghost7038suus.net> wrote:
: OK, very dumb question here, which may not be relevant to this
: Anthony's, but:

: Would there be a problem in running a task which gives one "the
: Windows environment"?  I've no idea what the official name is in Win2k,
: but the Shell seems to be the term used, and in any event something
: has to maintain the background.  Most likely it's an IE offshoot...

There is no fundamental problem. The windows shell is "explorer.exe",
linking deep  into undocumented functions and into IE on recent versions.

So technical problems are big.

: Not necessarily a technical problem (although those exist, too,
: last time I checked, which was awhile ago), but a legal one?
: Or some other issue?

: It's possible no one would want to anyway, but I occasionally
: get the feeling I'm "rebooting" Windows every time I run Wine;
: it's setting up, running the program, and then tearing down
: when the program exits.  Perhaps part of this can be helped
: via Wineserver, but I do wonder.

Startup of wineserver takes some time. So keep a windows process running,
and another invocation of a windows programm via wine will use the running

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