service pack info for wine's --winver nt40?

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed Aug 8 02:54:31 CDT 2001

Art Hughes <art at> wrote:
: Hi,
: I'm trying to install OrCAD's eCapture in a no-windows environment. 
: When I invoke the install shield with 'wine --winver nt40 Setup.exe' The
: shield reports 'service pack 0 requires at least service pack 3'.

: How do I trick the shield or any other windoz program to view wine's
: nt40 emulation having a specific service pack.

Debug it by tracing what leadsd to this message, e.g. by running with
--debugmsg +relay  and piping the output in a file. If the message above
pops up with a messagebox, search for "messagebox" and "call"  in the output
file and try to understand the commands above and find out what brings the
program to spit out that message.

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