Solaris X86 Wine

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Aug 9 03:47:53 CDT 2001

> I am determined to see wine work again on Solaris. 
good resolution !!!! ;-)

> 2. When starting Winedbg I get an xterm started with Title Wine Console
> with the messages WineDbg Starting.... that sits that way forever. Then
> I have to kill -9 wineserver to stop it. CAn someone give me an idea of
> the control flow of winedbg so I have a starting point.
the Wine debugger uses the standard Windows debugging API to get its
information. This API implements basically the WaitForDebugEvent 
ContinueDebugEvent function pair. This API heavily uses the server to
obtain its information. Basically, the server attaches to a process
that should be debug (with ptrace) and sends back the information to
whatever debugger is present.

my first impression would be that the ptrace on Linux and *BSD is
different than the Solaris one... 

> I would appreciate if someone with CVS update access could fix these
> things for me
the normal procedure to submit patches is to send them (in diff -u form)
to wine-patches at They will then be handled from there (only
the project leader has cvs write access btw)


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