Font behavior question

Steve Bradley bradleysm at
Thu Aug 9 10:07:08 CDT 2001

Good Morning,
        Sorry if this has been answered previously - searching didn't turn up 
anything useful...
        I've been using MS Word97 and Excel97 to do some basic office work at 
home. They work well enough to let me do what I need to.  There's just this 
one thing: in Excel, I can see and use all my fonts, the whole long list, 
just as if I was in Windows or running a native Linux app (I've copied all 
my Windows fonts into Linux).  But in Word, I see only about 5 of them.
        Normally, all the MS Office stuff gets it's font information from the same 
place, so I'm curious why Excel can see fonts that Word doesn't when 
running under Wine (if I boot into Windows, everything is normal).
        I haven't touched the font configuration in Wine, since Excel is working 
just fine with the default setup.

        Any suggestions appreciated!
Steve Bradley
bradleysm at

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