more on Diablo II (wierd problem)

Brian Postow bpostow at
Thu Aug 9 10:06:17 CDT 2001

Ok, I do have Diablo II working, mostly. At the moment, it only works
under TWM (not fvwm which is what I normally use) and only in -win

The problem is that the first time that my mouse leaves the diablo
window, diablo iconifies. Not a major issue, I just have to make sure
that it's before I start playing. HOWEVER, after it's de-iconified,
the keyboard get's somewhat screwy. I can't type, as in sending
messages, or typing in an IP or a character name. Everything else
seems to work. The work around is of course that If I'm intending to
go to a networked game or whatnot, I have to make sure that my mouse
is where the window will be from the time that wine is started until
I've typed in the IPA... However, After it's been iconified, I can no
longer type messages to other players which is very annoying in a
multi-player game... 

Also, whenever I type a letter, it beeps. not a problem, but perhaps
it will tell someone something...

I figured that in a couple of weeks, after some other things have
settled down, I'd try using a newer version of wine. I'm currently
using winex, but since mousegrab doesn't seem to work anyway, that's a
little pointless... 

Has anyone else had a problem like this?

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