Diablo 2 with Battle.net - another step closer

Robert Laverick csujo at scabserver.com
Fri Aug 10 00:47:07 CDT 2001

I've finally found a crack for diablo 2 LOD that works no CD under win 98, 
AND works on battle.net!!!!  However, I've been trying to get this to work 
under linux with no real sucsess, I'm using Codeweavers wine PR 4, (I've just 
started using this instead of the wine.tar.gz cos is seems easier to remove 
from a linux distro than the tar.gz version, but I suppose that's what RPM is 
all about!) Here's my problem, in linux it can't run one of the cracked 
files, so it says it can't find it here's the output of wine...

fixme:ntdll:NtOpenProcessToken (0xffffffff,0x00000028,0x405b6924): stub
fixme:advapi:LookupPrivilegeValueW ((null),L"SeDebugPrivilege",0x66f01824): 
/opt/wine/bin/wine.bin: could not load library 'C:\Program Files\Diablo 
II\Game_crk.exe.so' as Winelib application: C:\Program
Files\Diablo II\Game_crk.exe.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file 
or directo
Wine failed with return code 1

that's really eerything I get that's not me cutting the end off that No Such 
file or Directory.
I tried debugmes +ntdll, but I don't get anything more.  can anyone help me?
I've not included the crack I'm using (don't want to make this post too big 
:-) but i can let you have it if you ask)
is there anyone who's got this working?  if so could you mail me the crack, I 
can play single play ok, I just need a crack that works with Battle.net

Any takers?
rob at scabserver.com

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