www.ud.com Think to work under wine.

David Charlton davchar at optushome.com.au
Thu Aug 9 20:30:53 CDT 2001

There is another company, Parabon, that is doing a  'compute for cancer' 
program.  Their
software is written in java so you can run it under either windows or 
linux.  Have a look at
www.parabon.com for more info.

Tomas wrote:

>"Dan W" wrote...
>>I finally got it working after I copied the dll from one of my other
>>computer's system folder.  It works perfectly now.  Now to get Office 2000
>>working.(I've done it before, but i don't remember now.)
>How about speed? Does the UD program run much slower under wine than
>it does under Window$?
>I decided to run this program on every computer that i have here since
>my brother got acute Leukemia*, but unfortunately there is no Linux
>version of UD, at least not yet, so i'm now stuck with Windoze, and i
>_hate_ that!
>If the UD progam does run well under wine, then i for sure will boot
>up Linux again and try it...
>*) Yes, i know that it will not help my brother, too late, but it
>may help others in the future. It may be you and me that gets cured
>from the drug that they perhaps will find out by this project.
>So, everyone: DL the UD client program and start participating in
>the cancer research _today_!  :)
>The url? Start here: http://members.ud.com/vypc/cancer/
>(I have 5 computers running it 24/7 myself.)
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