Troubles with Farpoint Spread controls

Marco Bizzarri m.bizzarri at
Fri Aug 10 07:07:09 CDT 2001

Hi all.

While trying to figure out why this application is crashing, I 
discovered that, inside the spread dll, there's a check about the value 
of the wParam value of a WM_PAINT message. Could this be some sort of 
"undocumented feature" ?

Also, while looking at the backtrace, I was able to discover the "cause" 
of the error in the backtrace. The edi register which is used as a base 
for the access is returned from a double call:

hMem = GetWindowLongA(hWnd, 0)
edi = GlobalLock(hMem)

The problem is that the hMem returned by GetWindowLongA is 0, so is edi.

My question is:

should GlobalLock signal something on the fact that the parameters is a 
pointer (hMem & 2 == 0), like an error?

I've no hint for now on the reason why the value returned from 
GetWindowLongA is actually 0. Still investigating.


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