www.ud.com Think to work under wine.

Dan W dan0430 at aol.com
Thu Aug 9 16:52:30 CDT 2001

Tomas wrote:

> How about speed? Does the UD program run much slower under wine than
> it does under Window$?
> I decided to run this program on every computer that i have here since
> my brother got acute Leukemia*, but unfortunately there is no Linux
> version of UD, at least not yet, so i'm now stuck with Windoze, and i
> _hate_ that!
> If the UD progam does run well under wine, then i for sure will boot
> up Linux again and try it...

With Wine the UD program works pretty well, i got 30% done in 5 hours on my 
K62 533 Machine w/128 Megs of ram.  From what i have heard is they have a 
linux version of UD, but the files that you process are all still windows 
executables, meaning that they will have to change their servers and 
Windoze clients too.

        Dan W

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