specuak chars

Huhu nob at nospam.com
Fri Aug 10 08:20:34 CDT 2001

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

> "Huhu" <nob at nospam.com> wrote:
>> can anyone tell how to enter special characters like vowels with accents
>> or the spanish "?"?
>> For Linux apps I can enter them by typing a special key sequence, e.g.:
>> ? : [CTRL] [?] [a]
>> When windows booted directly this also works.  Alternatively it is
>> possible to enter the ASCII-number by pressing [Alt].
>> Well, when I start a windows application with wine none ot the
>> possibilities mentioned above work.
>> Can anyone tell if there is a way to get around this problem?
> About 6 month ago I investigated this problem with dead keys in depth.
> It is caused by a way Wine handles keyboard input and requires almost
> complete rewrite of the keyboard driver in Wine. I even wrote some tests
> to confirm that. Unfortunately I had no time to accomplish this in the
> working code.
> --
> Dmitry at Baikal.ru
How about some "copy and paste" features between, e.g. an editor on Linux 
and Win-apps?  Would this be possible or is it even more complicated than 
the dead keys problem?  At the moment it works just for the first string.  
To me it seems, that the first copied string somehow remains in the 
Win-buffer or Win-clipboard and at every Paste this first string is being 

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