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Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at sloboda.ru
Fri Aug 10 09:48:59 CDT 2001

"Huhu" <nob at nospam.com> wrote:

> How about some "copy and paste" features between, e.g. an editor on Linux 
> and Win-apps?  Would this be possible or is it even more complicated than 
> the dead keys problem?  At the moment it works just for the first string.  
> To me it seems, that the first copied string somehow remains in the 
> Win-buffer or Win-clipboard and at every Paste this first string is being 
> inserted.

This problem also known to me. Your best choice would be to go to the
Wine bugzilla (wine.codeweavers.com/bugs) and report the bug. If the bug
will be documented it has its chance to be fixed.

Dmitry at Baikal.ru

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