A bug in WIN_SetWindowLong ?

eric pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sat Aug 11 03:04:50 CDT 2001

Marco Bizzarri wrote:
> Hi all.
> While debugging some program, I discovered what looks like a bug. Please
> be patient if I'm wrong.
> In the WIN_SetWindowLong function, in order to get the address of
> wExtra, there is:
>          ptr = (LONG *)(((char *)wndPtr->wExtra) + offset);
> but this takes the *CONTENT* of wndPtr->wExtra.
> The correct code should be
>          ptr = (LONG *)(((char *)&wndPtr->wExtra) + offset);
> Am I wrong ?
yes... and no...

as wExtra is defined in struct WND (include/win.h) as
    DWORD          wExtra[1];     /* Window extra bytes */   
wndPtr->wExtra is the address of first byte of extra data, which is what
we want
but, in this case wndPtr->wExtra and &wndPtr->wExtra are the same
(except for the type, wndPtr->wExtra is a pointer to a DWORD whereas
&wndPtr->wExtra is a pointer to an array of one DWORD...)

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