Guest OS installed in wine?

Molf molf at
Fri Aug 10 16:44:49 CDT 2001

DonWito wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to install Win98SE as a guest operating system on my Linux
> Mandrake. Is it possible using wine? If so, how to do it? Shall I 

As has already been said, you'll need something like VMware for this.

leave the
> free Win partition that will be used during this installation process, or
> maybe it's not necessary? And do you know anything about the possibilities
> of windows installed in this way: will all my games and programs run
> properly?
Under VMware: no, sorry. Its virtual graphics drivers do not have 
directx support. Some games will work, but I have only found one 
non-trivial game that I own to work under VMware and not WINE (it's the 
Settlers III btw). Also, VMware costs money.

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