intermittent scrollbar behavior

Jim Shaffer, Jr. jmshaffer at
Fri Aug 10 19:31:59 CDT 2001

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:25:51 -0400, "Jim Shaffer, Jr." <jmshaffer at>

>I'm using Codeweavers Wine Preview 4 under Mandrake 8.0 to run Forte Agent.  At
>first everything works fine.  But after a while, particularly if it's the second
>or later time I've run it since booting the system, I find that I can no longer
>scroll a window by holding the mouse button down on one of the arrow buttons at
>the end of the scrollbar.  That is to say, clicking on the button scrolls by a
>small increment as usual, but holding the button down doesn't result in a
>continuous scroll.  This is very annoying.  Is there a fix for it?

I forgot to mention another intermittent behavior I've noticed:  after a while,
tooltips for the buttons under the menubar quit showing up.

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