Can't seem to build wine correctly

Lionel Ulmer bbrox at
Sat Aug 11 05:07:54 CDT 2001

On Sat, 11 Aug 2001 13:24:46 +0200, mreep <mreep at> wrote:
>Geforce2 gts pro 64 mb

This is what I feared :-)

>debian unstable

Ah ah, so Debian advocates should come to your help, otherwise I will be
able to say that it is as broken as RedHat relative to NVIDIA drivers
installing :-)

By the way, you DID install the NVIDIA drivers, did you ?

>So it could be some package didn't clean up after itself ?
>Or are the header files include in the 1252 driver of nvidia too old ?

No, it's not a problem of header files, but rather of libraries. You must
have something wrong in your OpenGL installations... As far as I know, the
GL packaged with XFree4.x is OpenGL ABI compliant : ie it should NOT give
you the error messages you have.

So this can mean only one thing : you have an old Mesa version lying around
(as well, no distribution should package 'Mesa' stand-alone now that it is
part of XFree).

So maybe some Debian gurus could help here as it's definitely NOT a Wine

		 Lionel Ulmer -

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