Diablo 2 with Battle.net - another step closer again

Robert Laverick csujo at scabserver.com
Sat Aug 11 17:24:41 CDT 2001

Yes I've done this and I get the sinle player working fine, but when logging 
into battle.net it can't validate the game. I have yet to try in windows to 
see if this is that same, running Dload.exe it validates fine, but I suspect 
that the crack is mostly a wraper that intercepts the check and sorts it out.
When I run the game_crk.exe I don't get the problem of failing at the start 
but it dosn't play online, so I think the two files work like this.  game_crk 
is a version of game.exe without the CD copy protection stuff, and DLoad.exe 
is a wrapper that allows the version checking to take place.  when I try and 
run DLoad this is what happens....
a box titled Error comes up, stating "Cant execute game_crk.exe in current 
Dir." with only an ok button, and the terminal screen show 3 fixme's : 
fixme:ntdll:NtOpenProcessToken (0xffffffff,0x00000028,0x40606918): stub
fixme:advapi:LookupPrivilegeValueW ((null),L"SeDebugPrivilege",0x66f01824): 
which I assume is thie DLoad trying to load the game_crk.exe and failing.
can anyone help e with this, I'm willing to get into code, but am a java 
programmer and haven't the first clue of where to start, my knowledge of 
Windows progamming is even worse than my knowledge of c (I've done quite a 
bit of C in BSPlibC, a lang uisng C to optimaly program parallel computers). 
I'll even live with someone surgesting a really dirty hack to get it running, 
even if I have to do it to my own copy of wine.... I've got a few installed 
to keep a running one seperate from the one I'm messing with.
anyway it's over to the audience again, can anyone help?  or surgest another 
crack that will work, or even a way to fix this one.

On Friday 10 August 2001 17:41, you wrote:
> What command did you use to run WINE? I use "wine game_crk.exe" and it
> works. I seem to recall getting that error message before I managed to
> get it to work, and IIRC it was when I used "wine dload
> ". I haven't tried battle.net, but it looks like the same crack so it
> should work (?).
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