Diablo 2 with Battle.net - another step closer again

Robert Laverick csujo at scabserver.com
Sat Aug 11 19:12:09 CDT 2001

yes it's me again, last on for now I promis!
I've fixed that issue, (simple switch to use native dll! Doh should have 
thought of that sooner!) but it still fails to verify the version of Diablo, 
so I'd like to do more debuging, but I'm not sure where I should start 
looking, is there anyway to start and stop debug messages while the app is 
running?  cos I'm going to have far too big a file to even think about...  I 
need to get into the gui, and I've got 27Mb of +all logs and that's only to 
the piont that Diablo II.exe checks for the CD, let alone into the opening of 
the game!  could someone tell me if this is possible or what traces I should 
be looking at...  ah go on, I'm getting board of talking to myself!

On Saturday 11 August 2001 19:27, you wrote:
> Well that seems not to be the problem with battle.net, not that I've fixed
> it but that I've found something else that's what's causeing the problem...
> thanks to the ability to sroll the display away from the aplicaion (never
> though I Thank that for anything!) I was able to see what's going on when
> it trys to connect to battle.net.  when I try to connect I get 2 fixmes
> very close together, I assume it's the program allowing 1 retry...
> fixme:advapi:CryptAcquireContextA (0x4605440c, Blizzard_Storm, Microsoft
> Base Cryptographic Provider v1.0, 1, 00000000): stub!
> fixme:advapi:CryptAcquireContextA (0x4605440c, Blizzard_Storm, Microsoft
> Base Cryptographic Provider v1.0, 1, 00000008): stub!
> but like all my thoughts it could be complet rubish I'm just about to dive
> in and have alook, I'll post again when I get something alittle more
> concreet! from the look of the name this isn't going to be good, I'll bet
> there's nowhere that this CryptAcquireContextA is properly documented and
> that it's all closed box, but somethimes I'm worng (more often than not it
> seems when thinking about wine <G> guess I'll get it eventualy)
> Thoughts, comments? any crypto experts in the house?
> I'll be back
> Rob

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